About Look Up Tonight

Liam KennedyHi.  This guy to the left is me.  Liam Kennedy.   I’m someone who has no formal training in astronomy.  But that does not stop me from sharing my passion for spacey things with everyone I meet.

To that end I have been a Griffith Observatory Planetarium Lecturer, I was the president of the Orange County Astronomers (one of the largest clubs in the country), I have been a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.  I also produced a public access TV show in Orange County called Look Up Tonight  (24 episodes in 2003,2004).

This website is just a place for me to share neat “Spacey type” things that you can see… simply by going outside and looking up.

I often don’t post things a long time in advance.  Think of this as being a random opportunity for you to experience something very very neat.