The International Space Station visible over Southern California for the next few nights.

The International Space StationThe International Space Station will be visible in the skys above southern California for the next four nights. 

It will be visible as one of the brightest (mostly the brightest) star-like object in the sky as it passes approx 200 miles overhead at over 17000 mph.

The table below gives a lot of information about each visible pass including when and where to look. 

Date Mag Starts Max. altitude Ends
Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
16 Apr -3.2 20:29:34 10 SSW 20:32:18 37 SE 20:32:47 34 ESE
17 Apr -2.4 20:54:34 10 WSW 20:57:22 43 NW 20:59:03 20 NNE
18 Apr -3.2 19:44:28 10 SSW 19:47:14 41 SE 19:50:00 10 ENE
18 Apr -0.4 21:20:55 10 WNW 21:22:37 14 NNW 21:24:19 10 N
19 Apr -2.1 20:09:25 10 WSW 20:12:10 39 NW 20:14:56 10 NNE


Click on the date to get a star chart and other pass details.

note: above predictions provided by the web site

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