Animated GIF showing the Moons shadow crossing the earth during the partial solar eclipse on Oct 23rd 2014.

I love this animated GIF produced by NASA. It really makes it clear to me how the shadow of the moon falls across the earth during the eclipse.

Animated GIF showing the partial eclipse

During the late afternoon of Oct. 23, 2014, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from much of North America before sundown. However, it is never safe to look at the sun with the naked eye.
Image Credit: NASA/Sinclair

How to safely view the partial eclipse on Thursday October 23rd

When the moon begins it’s partial eclipse of the sun tomorrow do not look directly at the sun even for a split second – even with sun-glasses. One safe way to look at the sun is if you have special eclipse glasses like these.

eclipse viewing glasses

Eclipse viewing glasses

Or… you can build a simple pin-hole camera

Or… check out the live broadcast of the eclipse from Griffith Observatory

Partial Eclipse Phases

Partial Eclipse – Streamed live from the Griffith Observatory