Venus and Mercury get close tonight (Jun 19)!

Look low to the west after sunset tonight and you will see the very brightest “star” (that isn’t a star) in our skies currently. That is in fact the planet Venus. Just 2 degrees to the left of that you will see little old elusive MERCURY. It’s a twofer!

Image shows the close pass of Venus and Mercury

image created by the Luminos App for the iPAD




Photos from Planetary Trio

I was picking up some family from LAX and I found a nearby residential neighborhood with a good view of the planetary trio close to one of the runways.

All photos captured on 5/26/13 using my Canon 60d with the 18-135mm Lens at 106mm (eff 170mm), 1/50s F5.0 ISO1600. Some processing in Adobe Lightroom to increase exposure (brightness). In reality it was quite a bit darker than is shown.