Venus and Mercury get close tonight (Jun 19)!

Look low to the west after sunset tonight and you will see the very brightest “star” (that isn’t a star) in our skies currently. That is in fact the planet Venus. Just 2 degrees to the left of that you will see little old elusive MERCURY. It’s a twofer!

Image shows the close pass of Venus and Mercury

image created by the Luminos App for the iPAD




Photos from Planetary Trio

I was picking up some family from LAX and I found a nearby residential neighborhood with a good view of the planetary trio close to one of the runways.

All photos captured on 5/26/13 using my Canon 60d with the 18-135mm Lens at 106mm (eff 170mm), 1/50s F5.0 ISO1600. Some processing in Adobe Lightroom to increase exposure (brightness). In reality it was quite a bit darker than is shown.

View Jupiter, Venus and Mercury tonight!

Jupiter Venus and Mercury

Get outside and Look Up Tonight soon after sunset and you will be treated to a rare triple planetary alignment in the west visible to the unaided eye. The short video shows where to look for Jupiter, Venus and Mercury and how they have moved each night after sunset at about 8pm.