Public viewing at the Griffith Observatory

These photos show what happens outside of the Griffith Observatory  every cloudless night they are open.   Telescopes are setup outside and the public can view from the (small) variety of astronomical objects which might be visible that night under the rather light-polluted skies of Los Angeles.

Tonight the public could see the Moon and the planet Saturn.

If you prefer – here is a full-screen slideshow

Tribute to Sally Ride on the 30th Anniversary of Her First Spaceflight

Last night I attended a truly remarkable event at the Griffith Observatory.   The event included a presentation by Sally’s sister Rev. Dr. Bear Ride, her colleague at NASA and, Alan Ladwig, and by Zero Gravity Flight Director and former Sally Ride Science Camp Head Counselor Loretta Whitesides.   It was moderated by Dr Laura Danly – Curator of the Griffith Observatory.

Link to the photo gallery view

Planetary Radio Live – 06.17.13

Photos from the live taping of the Planetary Society’s weekly radio show at the Crawford Family Forum at KPPC in Pasadena.

Video from the event is available here