Public viewing at the Griffith Observatory

These photos show what happens outside of the Griffith Observatory  every cloudless night they are open.   Telescopes are setup outside and the public can view from the (small) variety of astronomical objects which might be visible that night under the rather light-polluted skies of Los Angeles.

Tonight the public could see the Moon and the planet Saturn.

If you prefer – here is a full-screen slideshow

View the crescent Moon, Venus, Jupiter and The Pleiades tonight in the West.

The Moon passing close by to Venus, Jupiter and The Pleiades tonight.After sunset we have another astronomical treat in store. The crescent Moon will be just to the left of Venus tonight and below those will be Jupiter – and as an extra special treat The Pleiades will be right above them all. The Pleiades is also known as “the Seven Sisters” – and it’s often confused with “the Little Dipper”. That’s because it does look a lot like people expect the little dipper would – but that is a much bigger object and hangs out in a completely different part of the sky (in the North).